GZUT – Foundry Ltd.

The company was separated from GZUT S.A. structure in 1995 and it has been continuing the 200-year tradition of the Gliwice Foundry. The company is equipped with induction furnaces for cast iron as well as gas-fired and induction furnaces for bronze. A moulding process is carried out by machine using bentonite masses or manually using chemo-hardening sands. The technological process and finished goods are subject to precise quality control. Chemical composition of alloys is tested by usage of spectrometer. The strength tests are carried out and certificates are issued. The Foundry has received the certificates issued by Class Societies: Lloyd, Germanischer Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas and PRS. The technological processes are carried out according to ecological principles. The company participates in International Program of Cleaner Production – CP.

The range of production:

  • grey cast iron castings of 0,5 – 1500 kg
  • spheroidal cast iron castings of 0,5 – 1000 kg
  • bronze castings of 0,3 – 600 kg
  • bronze and aluminum art castings assembled from parts – without dimension limits
  • small castings made using the lost-wax method – height up to 50 cm

Our own pattern-shop makes models and their adaptation according to the customer documentation.


GZUT Odlewnia Sp. z o.o.

2 Robotnicza St.,

44-100 Gliwice

phone (0-32) 338 15 61

fax. (0-32) 231 02 80

e-mail: odlewnia@gzut.pl